Selected Fiction

A Portrait of John Wayne’s Collarbone, Selma Brau, 1992” – X-R-A-Y

Periodical Cicadas, Belpre, OH, 1992” – New South

Septifluous,” “Divert the River, Find the Relic, Leave Home” – The Rupture

Cul de Sac” – Sleepingfish

The Split Mass” – GASHER

Infinite Wrecking Ball” – Ruminate

The Secret Language” – Isele

“Facility” – Denver Quarterly

La Brea, or How to Heal a Horse” – Threadcount

Light and Heat” – A VELVET GIANT

“A Basic Resemblance,” “A Simple Request” – Witch Craft

The Wild Hunt” – Occulum

Mines” – matchbook

“Punnett Squares” – Passages North

Light in the River” – The Collapsar

Recreational” – TXTOBJX

We Are Fine” – No Tokens

Hospital Variations” – Okey Panky

“Palici” – Blue Earth Review

“Hats” – Banango Street

“OO:OO,” “Leash,” “Tape” – DREGINALD

“Prague” – Wyvern Lit

“Swans” – Squalorly

Clods” – CHEAP POP

“Valkyrie” – Vol. 1 Brooklyn

“Collar” – The Fanzine

“A Source” The Collagist

“I’m Going to Have to Ask You to Leave” – Squalorly

“You Lose Six Hands In Three Years” – Alice Blue 20

“Billy the Kid vs. Dracula” – Juked

“Five Cities” – Gigantic Sequins 4.1

“Whistle” – Hobart

“The Fox and the Choir” – elimae


Lake of Earth – Caketrain Press

Apostle Islands – Solarâ–²Luxuriance

Fiction in Translation

“German Plaza Work” – inutile – Italian

“Hospital Variations” – inutile – Spanish, Italian


Okey-Panky – J. Robert Lennon – July 2015

The Collagist – William Hoffacker – June 2014