Valkyrie is up today at Vol. 1 Brooklyn. Thanks to editor Tobias Carroll for taking the piece. After having the idea for the story, I thought, “That doesn’t sound like something I’d usually write.” I had just finished some longer work, so I was interested in trying something different. Anyway, while reading the story, maybe listen to this?

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Collar and Vessel


Collar” is up today at The Fanzine. It’s part of a loosely connected series called MILK TEETH. More on that in the coming months.

“Vessel” is in the new issue of SAND, a literary magazine based in Berlin. It’s almost sold out, so I think you’ll have to go to Berlin for a copy. Haven’t you always wanted to go to Berlin? It’s alright, I hear the weather’s just fine.

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Bliss and Constriction


Bliss and Constriction is up today at Spork. It’s about a couple that travels to Brazil to join a cult. Also featured: reliquaries, windshields, beaches.

Thanks to Joel Smith for taking the story and for the solid edits. Spork has been on a roll lately, with great work from Matt Bell, Jac Jemc, and Elizabeth Mikesch.

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“Natives” is in the 10th and final issue of Pear Noir. It can be preordered here. It’s a story about child thieves and a town that gets caught up in it all.

Partway through writing this story, I lost direction with it. I had a draft that wasn’t working, but couldn’t pinpoint the problem. I sent it to my sister Rain, and she helped to identify the issues and brainstorm some solutions. Her assistance was invaluable, and I greatly appreciate it.

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Lake of Earth


Lake of Earth is available to order today.

You can purchase it through Caketrain for $9, or buy it with another book of theirs for $13, shipping included. You can also purchase it from Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

There’s an excerpt from the book available here.

You can read more about the creation of the book here.

Thank you so much to Caketrain editors Amanda Raczkowski and Joseph Reed for their careful editing and design of the collection. It’s been a great process to a be a part of, and I’m terribly proud of the book.